Chardonnay DOC Alto Adige

This international grape variety has found a home with us.

The direction and altitude of our vineyard and the sandy, limestone soils with their porphyry gravel and Gardena sandstone allow our Chardonnay to develop in all its uniqueness.

The wine is a pale yellow with greenish reflexes. It possesses notes of freshly toasted bread and freshly ground coffee, with hints of citrus and apple. Strong and fresh on the palate, it has fruity, roasted flavours and a hint of brioche in the finish.

Our Chardonnay pairs very well with seafood, hearty pasta dishes served with seafood or cream sauce, light poultry and veal as well as pastry dishes and terrines.

Tasting notes:

This wine has a beautiful, pale yellow colour with greenish hues.

It is intense on the nose, with a strong aroma of toasted bread and freshly ground coffee, while still leaving room for underlying hints of citrus and apple.

A well-structured, strong and rich wine to the palate, it has a pleasant, smooth finish with notes of fruit and roast-coffee and a subtle touch of brioche.


Cellaring recommendations: Up to 5 years

Wine and food pairing: Ideal with shellfish, hearty pasta dishes with seafood or cream sauce as well as light veal or poultry dishes and pies or tureens.

Grape variety: 100% Chardonnay - various clones

Terroir: Kaltern - Preyhof: 550 m above sea level. Located in the Kaltern - Mitterdorf area. Sandy limestone soil with porphyry gravel and Gardena sandstone.

Training system: Guyot

Yield per vine: 1.4 kg - 60 hl/ha

Production process: Low-temperature clarification and subsequent controlled cool fermentation at 15-18°C

Aging: 90% in stainless steel tanks, 10% in barrique casks. Continuous stirring of the fine lees (bâttonage) lends this wine its fine aroma.

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