Moscato Rosa DOC Alto Adige

A rare pleasure in small quantities

Castel Sallegg and Moscato Rosa: these two terms have long belonged together in Alto Adige, and rightly so, as it was the Princes of Campofranco, the ancestors of today’s owner Count Georg von Kuenburg, who introduced this noble grape variety in 1892 when they moved from Sicily to Caldaro and Castel Sallegg, planting it in the warmest earth around Lake Caldaro, where it thrived. Today the Moscato Rosa is one of the world’s rarest grape varieties: the Moscato Rosa of Castel Sallegg grows on the traditional pergola at an altitude of 230 metres above sea level, at the Seehof in St. Josef am See.

Production is strictly limited: depending upon the weather it may happen that the Moscato Rosa cannot be made at all in certain years. Otherwise up to 1,000 bottles are filled each year.


Tasting notes:

A dessert wine with a deep raspberry colour.

Intense fragrance of roses, delicate fruity traces almost reminiscent of lychees, a complex aroma of ripe raspberries and an underlying elegant spicy flavour both on the nose and the palate.

A truly opulent wine with a strong character.


Cellaring recommendations: Up to 30 years. The Moscato Rosa, one of the world’s rarest grape varieties, is Castel Sallegg’s best known product

Wine and food pairing: Ideal with aromatic mature cheese, goose liver and low-sugar berry desserts. Alternatively, the Moscato Rosa is just as perfect on its own, savoured one drop at a time.

Grape variety: 100% Moscato Rosa - Kuenburg selection: indigenous variety

Terroir: Kaltern - Seehof: 230 m above sea level. Gravel and reddish, ground Gardena sandstone. Warm, porous soil with a unique microclimate on the shores of Lake Kaltern.

Training system: Traditional pergola

Yield per vine: Due to coulure max. 0.5 kg - 8 hl/ha

Production process: A late harvest ensures the grapes have reached a minimum sugar content of 32° KMW (160 Oechsle) before entering mash fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 1 week.

Aging: 12 months in stainless steel tanks, followed by 12 months of bottle aging .

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